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Thesis Submission Requirements

General Guidelines:

  1. Length of the Paper:

    • The thesis should be a minimum of 10,000 words and a maximum of 15,000 words. This word count includes the main content but excludes references and appendices.
  2. Originality and Plagiarism:

    • The thesis must be the student’s original work.
    • Any form of plagiarism will result in penalties, including the possibility of failing the assignment. Plagiarism checks will be conducted using plagiarism detection software.
  3. Structure and Organization:

    • Title Page: Must include the title of the thesis, student’s name, university name, department, and date of submission.
    • Abstract: A concise summary of the research, including the main objectives, methods, results, and conclusions (approximately 250-300 words).
    • Table of Contents: Clearly list all sections and sub-sections with page numbers.
    • List of Figures and Tables: Provide a list of all figures and tables included in the thesis.
  4. Content Sections:

    • Introduction: Outline the research question, objectives, and significance of the study.
    • Literature Review: Summarize existing research and theories relevant to the topic.
    • Methodology: Describe the research methods and procedures used to gather and analyze data.
    • Results: Present the findings of the research, using figures and tables where appropriate.
    • Discussion: Interpret the results, discussing their implications and how they relate to the literature review.
    • Conclusion: Summarize the key findings, limitations of the study, and recommendations for future research.
  5. Figures and Tables:

    • Include relevant figures and tables to illustrate key points and findings.
    • Each figure and table should be numbered and accompanied by a descriptive caption.
  6. References and Bibliography:

    • All sources cited in the text must be listed in the references section.
    • Use a consistent citation style (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago) as specified by the department.
    • Ensure that all references are complete and accurate.
  7. Appendices (if applicable):

    • Include any supplementary material that is too detailed for the main sections of the thesis (e.g., raw data, questionnaires, detailed calculations).

Formatting Requirements:

  1. Font and Spacing:

    • Use a standard font such as Times New Roman or Arial, size 12.
    • The thesis should be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides.
  2. Page Numbers:

    • Number all pages consecutively, starting with the title page.
  3. Headings and Subheadings:

    • Use consistent and clear headings and subheadings to organize the content.


  1. Digital Copy:

    • Submit a digital copy of the thesis in PDF format via the university’s online submission system.
  2. Hard Copy:

    • Submit two bound hard copies of the thesis to the department office.

Review and Assessment:

  1. Evaluation Criteria:

    • Originality and significance of the research.
    • Depth and comprehensiveness of the literature review.
    • Clarity and appropriateness of the research methodology.
    • Quality and clarity of the results presentation.
    • Insightfulness of the discussion and conclusion.
    • Adherence to formatting and submission guidelines.
  2. Feedback and Revisions:

    • Students may be required to make revisions based on feedback from their advisors or the review committee.
Thesis 04: Q. Integrating PRINCE2 and Agile Methodologies in Software Development: Unveiling Opportunities and Addressing Challenges

Description: This thesis will explore the integration of PRINCE2, a process-based project management method, with Agile methodologies, which focus on iterative development and flexibility. The research will investigate how combining these two approaches can enhance software development processes, balancing structure with adaptability. It will involve case studies of organizations that have implemented this hybrid approach, analyzing the benefits, such as improved project management and accelerated delivery, as well as the challenges, like potential conflicts between the methodologies and resistance to change. The study aims to provide practical recommendations for successfully integrating PRINCE2 and Agile in software development projects.
Project Management Software Development
Type of Question:
How can integrating PRINCE2 and Agile methodologies improve software development processes, and what are the key opportunities and challenges associated with this integration?
Paid For 350$
Total Time 4-5 Weeks

Thesis-09: Q. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Workplace Productivity: A Comparative Study

Description: This thesis will explore how the integration of AI technologies influences productivity across different industries. It will compare sectors that heavily utilize AI with those that do not, analysing productivity metrics and employee satisfaction.
Category: Technology and Business
Type of Question: How does AI integration affect productivity and employee satisfaction in various industries?
Paid For 250$
Total Time 2-3 Weeks

Thesis-02 Q. Cultural Influences on Consumer Behavior in the Digital Age: A Case Study of Social Media Marketing

Description: This research will investigate how cultural differences impact consumer behavior on social media platforms. It will focus on marketing strategies and their effectiveness in different cultural contexts.
Category: Marketing and Cultural Studies
Type of Question: How do cultural differences affect consumer responses to social media marketing strategies?
Paid For 400$
Total Time 3-4 Weeks

Thesis-03 Q. Sustainable Urban Planning: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Green Roofs in Reducing Urban Heat Islands

Description: This thesis will assess the role of green roofs in mitigating the urban heat island effect. It will involve a comparative analysis of cities with varying levels of green roof implementation.
Category: Environmental Science and Urban Planning
Type of Question: How effective are green roofs in reducing urban heat islands in metropolitan areas?
Paid For 200$
Total Time 2 Weeks

Thesis-15 Q. Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management: Opportunities and Challenge

Description: This paper will examine the potential benefits and obstacles associated with implementing blockchain technology in supply chain management. It will analyze case studies from different industries.
Category: Technology and Business
Type of Question: What are the opportunities and challenges of integrating blockchain technology into supply chain management?
Paid For 600$
Total Time 5-6 Weeks

Thesis-13 Q. The Role of Mental Health Education in Reducing Stigma in High Schools: An Intervention Study

Description: This research will evaluate the effectiveness of mental health education programs in high schools in reducing stigma associated with mental health issues. It will involve pre- and post-intervention surveys.
Category: Education and Psychology
Type of Question: How effective are mental health education programs in high schools at reducing mental health stigma?
Paid For 445$
Total Time 1-2 Weeks

Thesis-11 Q. The Evolution of Cybersecurity Threats in the Era of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Description: This thesis will explore the changing landscape of cybersecurity threats with the proliferation of IoT devices. It will analyze the types of threats, their evolution, and the measures taken to combat them.
Category: Technology and Cybersecurity
Type of Question: How have cybersecurity threats evolved with the increasing adoption of IoT devices, and what measures are effective in mitigating these threats?
Paid For 700$
Total Time 4-5 Weeks

Thesis-17 Q. Exploring the Psychological Effects of Remote Work: A Study on Work-Life Balance and Mental Health

Description: This research will delve into the psychological impacts of remote work, focusing on work-life balance and mental health. It will analyze data from remote workers across different sectors.
Category: Psychology and Business
Type of Question: What are the psychological effects of remote work on employees' work-life balance and mental health?
Paid For 500$
Total Time 3-4 Weeks

Thesis-16 Q. Renewable Energy Policies and Economic Growth: A Comparative Analysis of Developing and Developed Countries

Description: This thesis will compare the impact of renewable energy policies on economic growth in developing versus developed countries. It will analyze policy frameworks, economic indicators, and case studies.
Category: Economics and Environmental Policy
Type of Question: How do renewable energy policies influence economic growth differently in developing and developed countries?
Paid For 990$
Total Time 7-8 Weeks