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How to backlink a website Off-Page SEO

Off page seo

What is Off-Page SEO: Anything done outside of your website that has the potential to affect search engine rankings is referred to as off-page SEO. Off-page SEO optimization requires you to improve the way users and search engines perceive your site in terms of credibility, authority, popularity, and relevance.

Off-Page 1: SEO Title Talk

How to backlink a website?→ When your post link or website link redirects from another website, social media platform, or other platforms, if people click on it, they will be directed to your URL link page link if they/you generated it as a backlink on this is called off-page. anything was done outside of your website that has the potential to affect search engine rankings is referred to as off-page SEO. Off-page SEO optimization requires you to improve the way users and search engines perceive your site in terms of credibility, authority, popularity, and relevance.

Off-Page 2: Building Citations

  • There are many citations list you’ll find in google search. Suppose, google map citations
  • Publish business listing website directory
  • Company name
  • URL
  • About owner
  • Location
  • Description
  • (Search google citations list)
  • Don’t create consistency break (must form all same information ex: phone, URL ,name)
  • Citation always business directory backlink

Off-Page SEO 3: Social Shares

Share on various social media platforms, create a portfolio, pages, or accounts on social media platforms, and you will receive more traffic, such as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinstar.

Off-Page 4: How Many Backlinks Do You Need

First, do a Google search for your keyword, then see how many backlinks your competitors have on another website that uses the same keyword.

You must copy and paste the link into the backlink checker, then save the number of referring domains and backlinks for each page on a document.

You must create a backlink that is more powerful than another website (DR) You must know how powerful your referring backlink website is.

Check the first, second, and third position sites on Google to see how many backlinks they have on their page. Collect and save on Microsoft excel every URLs detail.

Off-Page SEO 5: Anchor Text

Use Google to find your keyword. To check the anchor text, copy and paste each other’s page URL into (Smrush, Ubersuggest) or another keyword research platform.

In your Excel spreadsheet, make a list of all the anchor text.

Check out a few of your competitors’ anchors before adding them to your spreadsheet.

Make a list of the most frequently used anchor text and then separate these words.

Now you either try to build a backlink with these anchor texts or tell them that your SEO master will build a backlink with this phrase.

Off-Page 6: PR Submission

Press Release Outreach is a type of public relations outreach.

Creating a Public Relations Submission That wasn’t a particularly strong backlink. As a result, I recommend that you hire someone from Fiver for a low price.

First and foremost, creating a PR submission will take a long time because there are numerous rules to follow.

Hire a press release distributor for $5 and have him publish your press release for your website.

Off-Page 7: Relevant Backlinks

Wherever you’re going to create your backlink, make sure it’s in the same category as your post types.

For example, that website’s backlink has content that is similar to what you have on your website.

For instance, let’s say your website is about health. Google backlinks will work effectively if your backlink site has the same categories as your backlink site.

Off-Page 8: Relationship vs Money

Search Google “Keyword” Guest Post then open every site and contract with them (You’ll get Their email or a social media link)

Create relationships with other website owners by sending a friend request to the site owner’s LinkedIn account or emailing him and talking nicely to try to build a relationship with him. After a few days, ask him for a backlink to your site.

Another way to get backlinks is to text or email each company’s website and offer a backlink in exchange for money.

Off-Page 9: Getting Your Email Sorted

Create a professional email, which you can do with G-suit.

This email can be created using your hosting account. A free professional email is provided by the c-panel hosting. You can then link the hosting email to your personal email ( You can watch youtube video tutorials)

Off-Page 10: Finding Target List for Guest Posting


  • Target finding for a guest post
  • Search on google- (Your Keyword “Guest Post”)
  • Go to each and every website. Attempt to make contact with the website owner, then email them to everyone or search their profile in LinkedIn’s In Search email.
  • Gather all website contract emails and save them in a text file.
  • 2nd – Twitter search (keyword “guest post”)
  • 3rd- there you’ll find some guest post website link

Off-Page 11: Sending Emails to Get Guest Posts

To begin, you must first determine the email owner’s name and include it in the subject line.

You must send an email that includes their name or the names of their websites.

Subject: Hello, name of the site or owner of the site or site title

Hello there, my name is…

I really like what you’re doing over at the site URL………… I noticed you recently published a blog on the subject… That was fantastic how you linked family activities and the topic. I won the URL for my website… and I wanted to connect with you for no reason other than to better understand your work.


owner’s surname

Emon blogger’s 

web address

Hey, I really like what you’re doing on your site, and I noticed you recently published a guest post on the topic of female condoms. That was a fantastic topic. I won my website https://3xcondom.com/how-to-use-condom/ and I wanted to connect with you for no particular reason other than to better understand your work. If you have some spare time, please take a look at my blog and tell me how it went; honestly, I’ll be very happy with it.


Emily is baaat.

Emily is a blogger at www.3xcondom.com

If you do not respond to the second email,

Send again,

 I sent you an email two days ago – did you receive it? I just wanted to double-check that it didn’t end up in spam mail.


It was really cool to see the University Of Health Services website publish health-related topics. I see that some key points have been included. I won my website https://3xcondom.com/pregnancy-week-by-week-symptoms/ and I wanted to connect with you for no particular reason other than to better understand your work. Please take a look at my blog if you have some spare time. If you’ve seen my post, I’ll be overjoyed.


 Emon Ahmed Emon Blogger

You can easily make a friendship with him and then ask for a guest post after a few days.

Off-Page 12: Resource Page Building

Search google – Keyword URL: resources

Find the site owner’s email or linked id and send him/her a message explaining that you have the same topic page. After a few days of conversation, ask him to add your page to her/his resource page.

Off-Page 13: Shoutout Backlinks

Write a good keyword and search on Google to see how many sites have published the same content.

Collect their email or linked id, and then mention them as a backlink on your page.

Mention their website’s URL on your page as the same content.

Then you create a post and mention their site in an email or message to them.

Then gradually build a relationship with him, and when the time comes, ask him for a backlink or a guest post on your website.

Off-Page 14: Skyscraper AKA Burj Khalifa

Search for a keyword on Google and find every site with an old post, then check how many backlinks that old post has, as well as viewing the backlink site and emailing them.

Dear Sir, I noticed you provide a backlink to this site and would like to send you an email. Because the same topic writes a blog in my post is so relevant So, if you have some time to look at my post, I hope you’ll replace the previous backlink with my post backlink.

Off-Page 15: Becoming an Authority

Become a trustful content creator or a blog writer (people will follow you if you are a trustful and positive person) People will give you a backlink you don’t need to do anything. If your content was standard

Off-Page 16: SEO Audit Backlink Strategy

  • Search Google “keyword” + “useful resources”
  • Open every website and copy these website links and check full odit
  • You can check with “semrush” or “screaming frog” and check if that site have any broken link or any issue have on their site
  • If you find any issue “meta description missing” or broken link then write a mail and tell them you find some missing problem on their site
  • Then talk with professionals and create a relationship with him after a few days ask him to give you a backlink or guest post opportunity.

Off-Page 17: Audio Video Doc Forum Reddit

Audio sharing site

(create audio content for your site)

Full post create an audio form (You can use much software)

Search google (audio sharing website for backlink)

Entre every site and upload your mp3 audio and insert your main link on the description

2) This audio text file create as a video just add some pictures on video and upload this video to other’s audio sharing platforms.

3) Doc sharing site (create with pdf and uploaded different pdf sharing website)

4) google search – forums (keyword “forum”) enter every site and fill up every forum and also include your site link

5) Reddit.com search your keyword and Join some subreddit and post there(must follow your link must follow as your content “avoid spam”)  

Hey, I’m hoping you’ll get my message. Trust me, I’m a big fan of the blog, and believe me, I always come to your site for health advice. I discovered a full odit of your website today, and I discovered some on-page SEO that was missing. I believe that if you correct these, your page will improve even more.

Off-Page 18: Blog Commenting But Better

Try To comment always on your related topic website or your competitor sites and make sure you don’t add your site URL while you’re commenting because if you include Your site url they will drop your comment as spam And you may block it somehow.

Try To Comment near about 20, 30 days regularly 

This consequence might be that the website owner will reply to you once. if you didn’t then I will confidently say that the website blogger will acknowledge your username. Because all the bloggers read their comments always on their posts. So, after a few days, you can mail them and you can say you always comment on their website regularly. This way You Can Crate A Relationship With a Site Owner And You Can Ask For A Guest Post On Her Site. That Time Site Owner Will Accept Your Proposal I hope So.

Off-Page 19: PBN Talk

Private Blog Network 

I recommend You Don’t Use It. If google catches You you’ll lose your website rank performance.

Basically, PBN is Actually you create some Website and create backlink as your wish.

For an example:- You have a website and create or other 10 websites and you create a backlink for your main website from there this is called PBN

PBN Basically backlink will not work as a more powerful backlink so, I recommended leaving this topic

Off-Page 20: HARO HARO



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